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Why the Second Amendment Matters

The Government is the enemy of the People. It’s that simple. The 2nd Amendment exists to ensure the people have protection against a tyrannical government. So-called Law Enforcement Officers are not out there to protect you; they are on the streets as agents of tyrannical government. Government doesn’t respect or protect the rights of the People at any point: It is in their own best interest to have as few armed citizens as possible.


Time to Ban Public Transport

It’s time to ban public transport.

In December, two people were killed in New York after they were pushed off the platform in front of the subway.  In December, the subway hit Ki-Suk Han and, later in the month, Sunando Sen was killed by the train; both had been pushed from the platform and onto the track.  The men weren’t pushed by the same individual, and police have both alleged perps in custody.

What I want to know is this:  where are the people screaming for banning the subway?  In the wake of the Sandy Hook terrorist incident, there have been protests and commentary ad nauseam about the terrible blight of guns on our society, how guns need to be confiscated and the second amendment needs to be revoked.

But no one is calling to ban the subway.

It’s the same argument.  The guns Adam Lanza used were tools in the same way the subway is a tool.  How many lives must be lost before there’s a protest and a call to action?  Do the lives of Mr. Sen and Mr. Han have less value than any others?  Is it a matter of scale?  The right to bear arms is constitutionally protected; the right to public transport is not.  As far as I know, there is no organization dedicated solely to protecting the privilege of public transport – though it could be argued quite successfully that the entire leftist agenda is in favor of public transport because there is far more control and monitoring possibilities to exploit when everyone is held captive by the bus and train schedule.

And that’s the thing, is it not?  Guns are the tools of freedom, bricks in the wall that protect us from our government.  Those men wrote and ratified the constitution understood how important it is to individual freedom for the citizens to have the ability to protect themselves from their government.  It’s no coincidence that the right to bear arms follows immediately after the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The leftist, America-hating media sensationalizes incidents such as Sandy Hook or the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado – or Columbine, or the Clackamas Town Center Mall in Portland, Oregon.  Take your pick.  It’s expedient to the cause to do so.

Create and facilitate frenzy when you need to disarm the populace; but keep quiet and report only the information that makes it appear to the public they’re doing their job.  And the majority of Americans are too stupid to realize they’re being manipulated.

Useful idiots indeed.

No Tragedy Too Small

With all the class they have on reserve, Westboro Baptist Church has announced they’re going to picket the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting – in Christian brotherly love, of course.  The group of attention whores has made a cottage industry of plumbing the depths of and continually redefining new low.

The Phelps franchise hasn’t found anything yet they’re not willing to protest; these indiscriminate protesters desperately seek relevance at such offensive venues as veterans’s funerals.  Their ridiculous antics even managed to get a new law passed in Arizona after they announced plans to picket the funeral of a nine-year old; the Hells Angels even planned to rally to that event.

These ignorant, fool-led sheep are in a perpetual pursuit of relevance and in need of attention.  I truly can’t fathom the pride and ego driving such antics.  This sort of pathologic narcissism must originate from an incomprehensible psychopathy.

The un-hypocritical among us that hold dear the Constitution and the rights it guarantees us regrettably have to put up with a lot which with we don’t agree.  Westboro’s trampling and gross over-interpretation of free speech is never tempered with the peaceably assemble bit of the First Amendment.  It’s unfortunate; it would seem the Phelps interpretation of the First Amendment’s right to free speech is as suspect as his interpretation of the Bible.

It should be no surprise the Phelps-cult cherry picks only the parts from the First Amendment they want to use; they’ve shown they have a history of doing that sort of self-serving interpretation of the Bible they purport to believe.

In an interesting – and admittedly amusing – twist, the attention mongers of Westboro have crossed the sightline of yet another group of sensationalists desperately seeking relevance in the world: Anonymous.  You know, the cowards in the Guy Fawkes masks?  I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  From the protection of their parents’s basements all over the world, they’ve aligned themselves with terrorists (attacks against both Israel’s and Syria’s governments’s websites), peer-to-peer pirates, the utterly ridiculous spectacle of the Occupy Movement, and a myriad of other attention-grabbing activities.

Despite their claims to the contrary, the group is no different from any other terrorist organization, all things considered; however I find it hard not to be amused by their attack against the Westboro Weinies.  (And though I disagree with their methods, to be fair to Anonymous, I agreed with their philosophy against SOPA and PIPA – so they’re not all bad).

As if the incident itself isn’t tragic enough, it’s become eclipsed by Leftist hatred of our country and Constitution.

This sort of event leaves Leftists – both in and out of the media – salivating at the opportunities to further their propaganda.  Political opportunists view events like this as an opportunity to further debilitate our country and enslave its citizens – opportunists such as NY congressman Jerrold Nadler whose slip of the tongue reveals his perspective on the event.  The uninformed consensus is that if guns were illegal then incidents like this wouldn’t happen.  Won’t the unwashed and ignorant be surprised when they finally get their way and these events don’t stop?

It’s apparent these people cannot comprehend that our Bill of Rights is a unit.  Once you chip away at the right to bear arms, for instance, then you effectively surrender your right to protection against unlawful search and seizure:  the fascists masquerading as law enforcement will no longer have a deterrent once the citizens are unarmed.  You’ll surrender your right to protection against testifying against yourself, the right to due process, and the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.  Once you’ve gutted the bill of rights, no longer can you reasonably expect the protection of your free speech.

It’s indicative of just how ignorant people are.  No one’s denying the incident in Newtown is a tragedy; the targeting of defenseless children is a reprehensible and cowardly act.  Every incident of this type becomes a media spectacle and a platform for leftist, control-minded agenda hacks to capitalize on someone else’s grief.  It’s despicable.

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re Bob Costas, Piers Morgan, any other media propagandist, Jerrold Nadler, a member of Anonymous, or one of Westboro’s hate-slinging cheerleaders:  You are the same.  To take an incident such as this and further your own propaganda and platform on it, you originate from some dark corner of the worst narcissistic cesspool, grounded and rooted in an unfathomable hatred for humanity.

There’s little difference between your type and Hitler, who is arguably the most notorious opportunists of the twentieth century.

Only the particulars are different.