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Downstream from Helen Hunt Falls there is still to photograph. The waterfall gets the majority of the attention, understandably; but the whole environment is a pretty cool place. In fact, I even brought Wendi here on our “first date”.

Helen Hunt Falls


Ein Höhepunkt der Lebens in Colorado Springs ist die Nähe zu die Natur. Helen Hunt Fälle in Nord-Cheyenne Canyon ist ein schöner Fleck zu besuchen. Es ist ein Ort, dass ich zu fotografieren mag. Es ist nicht zu leicht im Sommer zu fotografieren, und dieses Jahr ich fast vergesse zu gehen. Wann wir gegangen hatten, hatte ich mein Stativ nicht gebracht. Diese Langzeitbelichtungen sind freihändig.

Ich denke, dass wir Fotografen vergessen, dass Langzeitbelichtungen der einzige Weg zu fotografieren Wasserfälle nicht sind.

A high point of life in Colorado Springs is the proximity to nature. Helen Hunt Falls in North Cheyenne Canyon is a beautiful place to visit. It’s a place I like to photograph. It’s not so easy to photograph in the summer, and this year I almost forgot to go. When we did go, I didn’t have my tripod. These long exposures are freehand.

I think we photographers forget that long exposures are not the only way to photograph waterfalls.


Flussabwärts von Helen Hunt Fälle ist einem kleinem Strom. Es ist ruhig und nichts wie Helen Hunt Fälle. Der Wasserfall ist laut, aber macht nur ein bisschen Strecke alles dem Untershied.

Downstream from Helen Hunt Falls is a small stream. It is quiet and nothing like the falls. The waterfall is loud but a little distance makes all the difference.

 photo IMG_7360_zpsw7duepii.jpg

 photo IMG_7357_zpsgdfcinwj.jpg

 photo IMG_7358_zpsuw7p3gww.jpg

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Helen Hunt Falls

North Cheyenne Canyon ist einen wunderschöner Platz in Colorado Springs. Es gibt vielen Wandergebiete. Die Straße zu Helen Hunt Falls wickelt in die Hügel, und macht es Spaß zu fahren.

Und wann angekommen Sie, ist dies die Sehenswürdigkeit, dass begrüßen Sie.

North Cheyenne Canyon is a beautiful place in Colorado Springs. There are many hiking areas. The road to Helen Hunt Falls winds in the hills and is fun to drive.

And when you arrive, this is the sight that greets you:

 photo IMG_7338_zpssc2vzsej.jpg

 photo IMG_7341_zpsybrjpv7p.jpg

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Helen Hunt Falls

Last weekend I went out with the express purpose of taking photos. Both the Cloud Factory and the America the Beautiful Park posts were from those couple of hours. I really enjoyed myself while I was out; my camera had more or less languished in the closet over the winter as I did my best to hibernate. So it had been since December, I think, when I’d gone out with the purpose of taking photos.

I enjoyed last weekend’s shooting so I made it a point to go out again this weekend. This time I headed up to one of my favorite hiking spots in the early spring: North Cheyenne Canyon. The waterfall here is called Helen Hunt Falls – no, it’s not named after the actress.

I experimented with some long exposures, but the sun’s playing peek-a-boo through the clouds made some of those a bit of a challenge. Eventually, I decided I wasn’t smart enough to outmaneuver such celestial chess players and headed back. I probably should’ve gone earlier in the day.

 photo IMG_9819_zps0d7fa79b.jpg

 photo IMG_9854_zpsfc153eb0.jpg

 photo IMG_9842_zps51ea1205.jpg

 photo IMG_9829_zps6bedc423.jpg

 photo IMG_9860_zps172bd22b.jpg

 photo IMG_9872_zps1f93f4b9.jpg

 photo IMG_9866_zps880783ff.jpg

I may try to do this more consistently this summer.