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Remember When…

… there were colors?

Though winter this year hasn’t been overly snowy or particularly cold, there are no leaves on the trees and it’s still a fairly monochromatic palette.


Herbstfarben beim Garten der Götter

Herbst hat nur ein Paar Tage vor begonnen. Schon sind das Herbstfarben auf Colorado Springs.

Fall Colors at the Garden of the Gods

Fall only started a few days ago. There are already fall colors in Colorado Springs.

Ute Valley Gold


In every western movie that I remember, there’s some old codger (Jack Elam) who says, “There’s gold in them there hills!” If he were talking about Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs, he’d be right.

Ute-Tal Gold

In jeder Westernfilm, dass ich mich erinnere, gibt es ein alter Kauz (Jack Elam), das sagt: “Es gibt Gold in die Hügel!” Wenn er Ute-Tal Park in Colorado Springs gemeint hat, er richtig sein würde.