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SR-71 — Kansas Cosmosphere

Several years ago, I was out in Kansas visiting my brother and his wife; my parents were also visiting. We went down to Hutchinson one afternoon to visit the Cosmosphere. I enjoyed the museum, even though the space program or space travel isn’t something I’m overly interested in.

What I really enjoyed was the planetarium presentation; and I thought my daughter would like it. When we planned to spend the week over Christmas with my brother, I knew I wanted to revisit the Cosmosphere — all our previous trips out there have been too short.

The kiddo, predictbly, was not very interested in the museum; but did like the actual SR-71 Blackbird (#17961) they have in the lobby. (She also like the planetarium presentation).

It’s not easy to get photos of this plane; it’s massive. I was using the wide-angle lens on my mobile phone to get these.

Check out the museum gallery photos.