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Some Advice To The Republicans

In yesterday’s elections across the country, the GOP managed to secure the Senate majority from a Democratic senate that had been marching in lock step with Obama’s agenda.  These same hypocrites fled Obama’s presence while campaigning because even then they could sense the upheaval, as if the public would forget these dim-witted puppets did a great job of selling America down the river at the behest of the Golfing One.

Republicans, here’s some ice-cold truth to splash on your post-victory party hangovers:  This country didn’t vote for you, they voted against your opponents.  Do not mistake your winning your respective seat as a mandate from the people.  It is a condemnation of the policies of an egotistical megalomaniac who last thought that he had mandate from the people.  In short:  Republicans, do not fuck this up.  Make the most of this victory.

The people have voted to place you in a position to stop the madness this self-aggrandizing little punk is peddling.  This is not the time to be John Boehner, a limp-wristed, hurt-faced pushover who can’t make a stand and represent the people.  This isn’t the time to be Mitch McConnell who’s spent so much time lip-locked to the contemptible Harry Reid that the two look like each other, as if they were some long-married couple.

Now is not the time to become Orwell’s pigs.  It’s not the time to become entrenched in the Washington Way, abandoning whatever small moral center exists in your beliefs and hopping right on board that gravy train, leaving all of us as bad or worse off as when our votes put you into office.

This is not an excuse to be more moderate; the country has voted against people willing to go along with our current mis-Administration.  We voted against moderation, so don’t make the mistake of going along to get things done.  If the Congress got nothing done in the next two years and there were no more laws-by-fiat from the Golfing One, we would all be better off than where we are now.  Be the brakes you were elected to be.  Be the voice of reason in the insanity stew that Americans are cursed to call their government.

Quit fighting with the Tea Party.  I understand that loud-mouthed ignorant blowhards like Glenn Beck have aligned themselves with the Tea Party in order to curry favor with those constituents and boost his own ratings.  But Beck doesn’t speak for the Tea Party (or anyone else besides himself).  The Tea Party exists because the GOP hasn’t been doing its job to put the brakes on the ridiculousness in Washington that’s spilling out and staining the rest of us.

I put forth the following novel concept:  Represent the people.  The people are sick of the status quo.  Do something about the country’s security.  Do something about the health scares.  Most of all, muzzle, inhibit, prohibit the America-hating egomaniac who’s golfing while Rome burns; be a pain in his ass and let him know he does not have a mandate from the people.  Do your jobs.