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Why the Second Amendment Matters

The Government is the enemy of the People. It’s that simple. The 2nd Amendment exists to ensure the people have protection against a tyrannical government. So-called Law Enforcement Officers are not out there to protect you; they are on the streets as agents of tyrannical government. Government doesn’t respect or protect the rights of the People at any point: It is in their own best interest to have as few armed citizens as possible.


Regarding SC State Trooper Sean Groubert’s Shooting Unarmed Civilian

South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert.  (Image © SC Dept. of Public Safety)

South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert. (Image © SC Dept. of Public Safety)

I’m only going to point out a couple of things about this officer-involved shooting in South Carolina.  Regular readers know I’ve gone before into the jack booted thugs using poor judgment with their weapons, they routinely violate constitutional rights, and I think the local constabulary is more likely to kill you than a criminal is.  It’s already been established, then, that I’m highly suspicious of the Gestapo calling itself (with a straight face, no less) Law Enforcement.

What is surprising to me about this case is that Gestapo Agent State Trooper Sean Groubert was fired, that he faced any punitive actions at all.  Even more surprising is that he’s facing felony charges as well.  As the article states, Police officers are rarely charged in South Carolina.

The video shows a trigger happy Gestapo Agent State Trooper firing on a man who is complying with his instructions.  And while that’s frightening, there’s something worse about the situation, and I bet most people skip right over this:  at around 28 seconds into the video, after firing four shots at Levar Jones, the trooper has to ask “are you hit?”

He didn’t know if he’d hit is target.

This to me seems to be the scariest of Groubert’s mistakes.  This happened in the car park of a gas station, and you can see there are other people around, some of them are downrange from Groubert as he fires across at Jones.  He’s not sure he’s hitting his target and he’s obviously oblivious to what’s behind it.  The article states that at one point, Groubert was awarded the State Patrol’s Medal of Valor Award for actions in protecting the public.  I think this blatant endangering of the public sort of cancels that out.

Groubert will likely get off lightly in a state that rarely charges and prosecutes it’s Gestapo.  This is the sad reality of situations like this.  His scumbag lawyer has already trotted out the “officer safety” line, that worn out justification that all police officers use to get away with their particular incidents of brutality against the public they’ve forgotten they work for.  And as the video shows, Groubert wasn’t particularly concerned about the safety of others as he gunned down Jones.

Levar Jones isn’t the only one who hopes his shooting leads to changes in how police officers treat suspects.  Ideally, the constitution that guarantees the rights of the people against the government would be enough to keep things like this happening, but police officers feel they don’t have to follow the constitution.  Which means that any interaction with a police officer could end up like this.  Groubert needs to spend a lot of time in jail for this.

Your Police Department Will Kill You

Albuquerque is a city with a problem right now. The Albuquerque Police Department has a policy of shooting Albuquerque citizens recently. It’s enough of a problem that the feds are involved, which is a bit like the blind leading the blind, I agree.

“Based on our investigation, we have reasonable cause to believe that APD engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment,” Jocelyn Samuels

Yes, this is the same federal government that kills American citizens it has labeled terrorists in violation of the VI Amendment; the double standard in ‘law enforcement’ is something you’ll get used to seeing when you start paying attention. Of course, the federal government is completely justified in violating the rights of the citizens; it is the government, after all.  And sadly, the citizens have done precious little to protect themselves against an ever-increasingly tyrannical government.

You’re affected by this. You don’t have to be a resident in Albuquerque to be in danger of being killed or victimized by your local police department. Ask Pearlie Golden. Stephen Stern executed a 93-year-old woman because she wouldn’t do what he told her to do. Now, I understand she didn’t comply with his orders to drop her gun; but I also understand Stern had a non-lethal alternative: police officers carry tasers.

Sadly, what makes the Golden case unique is that there was actually some action taken against the police officer who shot and killed a woman who by all accounts was well loved in her town. And this wasn’t even Stern’s first time killing a member of his town.

When officers aren’t killing the people they’re supposed to be protecting, they’re blatantly ripping them off. In February, six police officers were arrested for stealing cars and money from people in King City, California. The people in this area are distrustful of their police department; it turns out with good cause. A healthy suspicion directed toward the ‘law enforcement’ officers in your area can pay off.

I think Amanda Jo Stephen would agree. Ms. Stephen is the most perfidious of criminal: a jaywalker. She was physically assaulted by Austin police officers for failing to identify herself after police officers grabbed her. Unfortunately for the Austin PD, the requirement to identify only applies after an arrest. What can be deduced from this violation of human, much less constitutional, rights is that there is absolutely no other crime being committed in Austin, Texas. It would look pretty bad if Austin PD was assaulting joggers when the crime rate in their city was higher than the national average.

Recently in Denver, the police department took 15 minutes to respond to a 911 call. The address was less than a mile from the police station; a healthy person could have walked that distance in that time.  This baffling delay resulted in the entirely preventable death of a woman.

This is symptomatic of police departments everywhere. They demand respect because they cannot earn it. These are the first line of defense the government has against the citizens of the country. These are the agents of the police state that will march you to gas chambers. America’s Reichskristallnacht is coming faster than you think.  Cecily McMillan might agree.

What about you?  Can you tell me you trust the police after watching this:

Or this?

Or this?

The individual circumstances in each of the cases in these videos is entirely immaterial.  The police are supposed to be the trained professionals.  They are the ones who are supposed to prevent situations from escalating to violence.  Put simply, they are paid to protect — not assault — the citizens of their respective jurisdictions.  How much trained professionalism did you see in the videos?  Most of the police I saw in those videos more closely resembled paramilitary operatives than a protective service.

That the government’s first responders are starting to resemble paramilitary strike forces is unlikely to be a coincidence.  If people become complacent about such things now, it won’t matter when there’s a full-time occupational force under direct control of the federal government patrolling the streets.  Like the National Guard for instance.

The message is clear: conform or be punished.  One of the police officers in the video arrested a woman because her soap bubbles assaulted him.  The officer spraying pepper spray on a group of seated Occupy Movement people.  The officer cursing at and stealing a skateboard from a kid.  The reactions of the trained police officers in these cases is extreme and cannot be justified.

Still trust your police department?

Former Mount Pleasant, NY police chief Brian Fanelli: busted in a child porn ring.  Fifty-seven year old Donald Glunt was recently arrested for trading photos with a 16 year old girl.  Steven Webb, a Kannapolis, North Carolina police officer, and his wife were recently arrested for possessing and distributing child pornography.  Jeffery Williams, a Florence, AZ corrections officer was stupid enough not to remove his collection of child porn before taking his PC to a tech for repairs.  These stories aren’t limited to one geographical area or one police department, and are solely focused on officers involved in child pornography.

Officer-involved sexual misconduct takes many forms, and the Cato Institute was kind enough to share several incidents with associated news stories.  The numbers cited in this old article are staggering, and again are not limited to a certain geographical region.  I’d argue the stories indicate problems on a systemic level: police agencies are staffed by people who are likely to abuse their positions.

I am by no means saying that all police officers are corrupt or involved in these activities.  But these are only a few that’ve been caught and reported.  There are how many more that haven’t been caught yet?  How long before the police officer assigned to your children’s school is arrested and investigated?  Maybe he or she is Officer Integrity, but how do you know?   Psychological profiling isn’t vetting these people out of ‘law enforcement’ roles; many of the cited cases involved veterans and police chiefs.

Your police department is merely a bureaucracy interested in its own self preservation and continued existence.  The officers on your police force are not your friend.  They will strip you of your constitutionally-guaranteed rights as citizens in the name of officer safety; and like as not, they’ll beat you up while doing it.  Your local police officers are agents of a fascist police state.

Boulder Police Department Deny Life, Due Process

Boulder, Colorado Gestapo – they refer to themselves as the Police Department – robbed a man of his life and his constitutional right to due process this weekend.  According to the news, a Boulder jack-booted thug broke into a man’s apartment then shot and killed him.

The officers responded to a 12:30 p.m. call from a neighbor at the Wimbledon Condominiums at 3009 Madison St. The neighbor said that a man, “armed with a knife and a machete, was making threatening remarks and stabbing a post outside his apartment,” according to a police statement.

When the gestapo arrived, the man had retired to his private residence and was no longer in public.  The armed jack-booted thugs knocked on the man’s door; and when he didn’t answer, they forced the door open without bothering to get a warrant.  No doubt they will claim they had ‘probable cause’ and get away with murder; but the fact is that by the time the gestapo death squad arrived at the scene, the threat was no longer apparent –and they went off deliberately searching for a confrontation. The Boulder police department Gestapo then shot and killed the man.

Colorado has a Make My Day which recognizes the fact that residents have a right to expect absolute safety within their own homes.   The guideline of CRS 18-1-704.5, using deadly forces is allowed when any person in the violated dwelling has grounds to believe the intruder has committed illegal acts in the residence or if there is evidence the intruder intends to engage in violent behavior.

Let’s see if this applies:

  1. The gestapo forced open the man’s door without getting a warrant.
  2. The gestapo entered the residence armed with a rifle.

I’d say that fits the bill.

However, after ordering the man to drop his means of defending himself and his residence, the jack-booted thug then shot and killed the man.  There were no attempts to subdue the victim through non-deadly means according to the reports.  That means, the jack-booted thugs didn’t bother to use their tasers – they simply went in guns blazing, OK-Corral style.

Am I suggesting the victim here was a saint?  Not even close.  The man had a criminal record, for certain.  But a criminal past doesn’t deny someone his right to due process.

This is the sort of thing I’m talking about when I say it’s time to disarm the police.  “Law Enforcement” officers are no longer interested in diffusing intense situations and are too eager to jump straight to dealing death in claims of officer safety. 

Are citizens allowed to gun down the police after little or no provocation out of fear of citizen safety?

Officer safety is a myth and a joke.  These people volunteer for these positions – and seeing how situations like this turn out, that should already terrify you.  Part of this job description is putting your life on the line – they are supposed to protect citizens, not gun them down.  The trend of law enforcement the gestapo’s jack-booted thugs to shoot first and cover each other’s asses later should be stopped.  It’s alarming that more people aren’t calling for the disarming of the police to make their communities safer.

Stop believing your rights are protected by the government.  This is the government you’re trusting and this is how you will end up.