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Good Job, Liberal Left

Not sure who sent this to me; I don't own the rights to this bit of truth.

Not sure who sent this to me; I don’t own the rights to this bit of truth.

Way to go, Liberal Left. No, really I mean it: Congrats.

The typical line of Liberal Nonsense during the last couple of election cycles was that if you were Anti-Obama, you were a racist. I mean, that’s no real surprise since the Liberal Left breaks out the term racist for everything anymore. If you don’t agree with them, it’s their go-to label to slap on you; the foundation of Leftist name calling, as it were – any labels you get after racist is just gravy. The term has become semantic satiation: it doesn’t actually mean anything anymore.

But the Liberal Left has gone and done something I never would have imagined: there’s an indication they’ve grown up. Perhaps. Maybe. (Probably not, but stay with me here).

When this circus act known as a presidential primary kicked off, there was a handful of Rich Old White Dudes (this is how the Libs always depict the GOP), a couple of guys with Hispanic names, a woman, a black guy, and a big-mouthed and ignorant Oompla Loompa running for the GOP nomination. It was diversity central. The Liberal Left – if it were capable of feeling anything but hate – should have been ecstatically creaming its jeans at the diversification. And who was running for the Democratic nomination? Only a couple of Rich Old White Dudes.

Slowly, the attrition has taken its toll on the GOP hopefuls, and currently in the running for gig is one guy with a Hispanic name, the big-mouthed and ignorant Oompa Loompa, and a Rich Old White Dude who apparently still thinks he has a shot despite being endorsed by Benedict Arnold John Boehner (Sure Benedict Arnold was a traitor, but he was actually a brilliant strategist; whereas Boehner’s “strategy” of caving in and Obama-Administration Appeasement makes Neville Chamberlain into Churchill by comparison. To actual conservatives, having Boehner endorse you is the kiss of death). And who was running for the Democratic nomination? Only a couple of Rich Old White Dudes.

Looking at the data, I think I can safely assume that the issue of race in America has been put to bed. There’s been not a peep in the Liberal media about race this election cycle. It must mean that the topic has been settled by those who most like to drag that rotting horse carcass out and beat on it some more whenever they get the chance. In fact, given how vocal about race the Liberal Left typically is, they should be voting for Cruz rather than either of the Rich Old White Dudes on their own ticket. Or even Trump, since as a big-mouthed and ignorant Oompa Loompa he’s even more minority than Cruz, Rubio, and Carson combined. (Not to mention he’s an asshole, so he fits right in with Liberal kind).

But of course, if you’re capable of reasoned thinking, or if you aren’t a hypocrite, you’re denied opportunity to be a Liberal, I’m sure the Liberal Left will relapse into its old ways. You on the Left seem to cling to your Gun Control and Your Religion pretty tightly.