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More Borrowed Power — NS 3675

Ein Besucher aus Osten in schwarz und weiß ist diese ET44AC im Pueblobahnbetriebswerk. Ich mag die große Radiatoren und die absolute Absicht der Gestaltung. Norfolk Southern Eisenbahn hat auch eine schöne Beschriftung, zweite nur zu BNSF.

A visitor from the east in black and white, this ET44AC is in the Pueblo rail yard. I like the big radiators and the absolute purpose of the design. Norfolk Southern railway also has a pretty livery, second only to BNSF’s.


The Grain Train — BNSF 6308


Headed home from work, I saw the grain train snaking its way south in Castle Rock. Since I was headed that way anyway, I decided to wait at the Tomah Road exit for it to pass by. It’s a long drag to Larkspur, but I didn’t have to wait too long.

BNSF 6308 is a GE ES44AC and was paired with a Kansas City Southern EMD SD70ACe, but it was too dark to get any pictures of it. Really, it was too dark to get decent pictures at all. I considered using a drain pipe to get to the other side of the tracks, but ruled it out: the lighting wouldn’t have been much better over there anyway.

Mixed Freight — BNSF 9089


This EMD SD70ACe, BNSF 9089, leads a line of very mixed freight north. Helping out was BNSF 7827, a GE ES44AC, and BNSF 8036, a GE ES44C4 which I last saw in January when playing in the snow with my daughter. It was the lead locomotive then; but on this day, it was pulling DPU duty.

When it first cleared the signal, I thought it was an unit oil train — but it didn’t take long to see that mixed freight is a perfect term. Center beams, short gondolas and beat up hoppers were among the manifest.