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Little Train

I didn’t get too many good photos of this Pikemasters model train. There were three or four running when I visited, but it turns out that taking pictures of model trains is nearly as challenging as taking pictures of real ones.


DPU in a Winter Wonderland — BNSF 9378

I’ve been showing off the artwork of nature, but I really like the contrast of BNSF 9378 (EMD SD70ACe) with the background. Note, this particular engine doesn’t have an isolated cab and thus will only be used in a DPU capacity.

Serving Up an ACe (II) — BSNF 9055

The other evening, I found this train idling on the mainline. There’s only one mainline track through most of Colorado Springs, so it’s rare that I see one stopped. This is an EMD SD70ACe, BNSF 9055. I got this photo with my phone and a few others with my camera — I just haven’t had the time to edit those ones.

Test Shot — BNSF 8465

This was a test shot. I never take anything for granted when it comes to whether or not my camera’s settings are what I want them to be for any given shot; and when the subject is moving, and weighs around 435,000 lbs (~197,312.68kg) it doesn’t hurt to take a few test shots before it gets where you’ve mentally composed the shot. But as I looked at this one, I realized I kind of like this shot, even though it wasn’t really ever meant to be shown.

BNSF 8465, an EMD SD70ACe, peaks around some brush just south of the Sag in Spruce.