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Reflections While Driving

I don’t understand people, I admit. They are completely baffling to me. Yesterday morning on the drive to work, I saw two accidents. I use a frontage road for a few miles of the drive. The frontage road is normally quieter than the freeway, but that wasn’t the case yesterday.

The weather was foggy and the oncoming traffic on the frontage was heavier than normal. I knew there was an accident ahead. Here, people are godawful, terrible drivers. It doesn’t matter if the weather is good or bad; but when the weather is bad, people are worse drivers. No one thinks Maybe I should drive slower since visibility is poor. Und they wreck their cars and risk their lives. Idiots.

Since I was driving south, this accident didn’t affect me. The fog lifted a few miles further. However, north of Monument was another accident, this one in the southbound lanes: in my way. I detoured around the traffic jam and rejoined the interstate further on. People there were driving like maniacs. Idiots.

I know I’m not a patient man. But to drive like a maniac after passing an accident site is stupid. It seems the concept is lost on them: they’ve not made the correlation of cause and effect.

It was once that I did this also. I have too much to lose now to be like that. My daughter, my wife: they need me; and I need them. Nothing else has that kind of value.

There is more to life than being the first to finish.

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Reflection Photographs

I took these in mid-October, a week that doesn’t seem like it was as many weeks ago as it actually was. The fall colors are brilliant and I like them, but they always indicate that winter’s coming and the short Colorado summer is winding down.

This year was calm, not as windy as last fall was here. I took a lot of photos of reflections this summer because, not only did the opportunities presented themselves, but I was willing to recognize those opportunities for what they are.

I’m sure there’s a philosophy in that, but it’s the weekend and I’m going to not probe that thought further… for now.