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Snow-Covered Rocks

… by Telluride, Colorado.


Trees In the Rocks


This first shot shows all I could see of this tree from my vantage point on this big sandstone rock face where I’d planted (pun?) myself to take pictures of trains.

When I got back down, I snagged a photo of the tree from that perspective:

Apparently, trees grow well in sandstone.

Short Shots

When taking pictures, it’s easy for me to get into a specific mindset about how a shot should look. Extended or long exposures of water seem natural to get that smooth, wispy appearance that looks so good (and a little magical, too).

However, extended exposures don’t capture the chaos of water flowing over rocks. And there’s some beauty in that too. Wendi suggested some short shots of the water over the Cascade downstream from Rainbow Falls.

 photo IMG_7264_zpsoudhqzxx.jpg

 photo IMG_7269_zpsr5felnqo.jpg

As well as of the waterfall at Rainbow Falls itself:

 photo IMG_7240_zps3heniiyw.jpg