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Happy Kitty Rolls

Rose often does her happy-kitty rolls in the evening; and after she thought I had put the camera away the other night, she started doing them… So I got the picture above, but the act of taking it caused this reaction:



Rose Impersonates a Bread Loaf

Ich denke, sie süß ist, wann Rose ihre Nachahmung von Brot macht. Obwohl scheint sie es nicht zu mögen, wann ich Fotos von ihr mache. Ich echt mag ihre Augen im erstes Foto.

I think she’s cute when Rose impersonates a loaf of bread. Although she doesn’t seem to like it much when I take pictures of her. I really like her eyes in the first photo.



This morning, I’m out in the freezing cold at 730 in the morning with the kiddo. We’re running the Nielson Challenge, as we do since she started cross country. And these pictures of Rose, all curled up like a little Croissant-Kitty, are haunting me: She’s so warm and comfy. I am not.

There are more zoo pictures coming. Most of the remaining pictures are of big cats: tiger, mountain lions, and more lion photos. Watching those animals move and yawn and groom makes me appreciate how amazing cats are. Rose is like a little version of those, though not an exact scaled down version… I have to admit, I’m glad she’s not a 600-pound Amur Tiger when she crawls up into my lap and rests on my chest!