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Run to the Shrine

On my Fat Guy Running blog today, I mentioned that I’ve registered for the Run to the Shrine at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in May.

As you may have gathered from all the pics, we love the zoo here. Please don’t feel any obligation to donate; but if, and only if, you are so inclined, you can follow this link to donate to the Zoo. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is among a handful that isn’t tax-payer supported (if that makes a difference to you).


The Run to the Shrine

I originally published this on my running blog. I promise I won’t recycle material from there to here often.

I mentioned that one of my near-term goals is to run the Run to the Shrine. The Shrine in question is the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun that sits on Cheyenne Mountain overlooking Colorado Springs.

Today Mike’s Camera was holding a demo day at the zoo, which is the starting point of the run, and I snagged a couple of photos of the shrine from various points in the zoo. Walking through the zoo a couple of times today, I realized how challenging this race is actually going to be.

Most of these pictures, I took with a Canon 6D Mk II and an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens (courtesy of Mike’s Camera).

The road is visible in the lower right corner of the photo.

This last photo was taken at an elevation about where the race starts. The Shrine is the turn-around point. I am definitely going to have to work on my hill running. We’ve driven the route a couple of times, and it’s almost non-stop climb from the zoo to the shrine.

Going To Brag A Little Bit

Some of you know I’ve been running for about a year. A couple of weeks ago, I ran my first 5K. There was an Everybody-Gets-A-Trophy Finisher medal, which was nice. But I was also the third in my age group, which netted this… I think it’s a coaster, and what looks like a zipper pull. Given these were the result of where I finished in the pack, I thought they were cooler than the Finisher medal.

If you’re interested in my accountability, I blog my runs over on The Fat Guy Running Blog.