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Blast from the Past — Union Pacific 844

Pulling into Walsenburg, CO.


Close Ups

Back to the Colorado Railroad Museum: my wife, brother, and I checked out the old roundhouse they have on the site. They’ve turned it mainly into a machine shop, but still let people check it out. Along the west side of the building, though, we came across a steam engine and I took a couple of close up photos as well.

 photo IMG_6072_zps69fb817d.jpg

 photo IMG_6075_zps9e6bde71.jpg

 photo IMG_6078_zps10f64630.jpg

And that bell looked pretty cool in color, too:

 photo IMG_6079_zps1f7c010c.jpg

It’s pretty fascinating how steam powered so much advancement in our civilization. It still does, really. We don’t often think that steam is typically what we use to drive turbines in ships and power stations, but it is.