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Sonnenaufgang, Sonnenuntergang


Später Sonnenaufgängen und früher Sonnenuntergängen meinen mehr Fotos von beide. Natürlich habe ich oft nur meine Handykamera. Es macht nicht großartige Bilder, aber besser als durchschnittlich? (Wahrscheinlich nicht, eigtentlich).

Sunrise, Sunset

Later sunrises and earlier sunsets mean more photos of both. Of course, I often only have my mobile phone camera. It doesn’t take the best photos, but better than average? (Probably not, actually).

Cool Sunrise

I should probably apologize since lately I haven’t really had much to say to go along with my photos. I know it’s not a requirement to have lengthy (or any) captions, but I typically do. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a few weeks; though I expect the source of that will end soon. I’m not sure if the season’s dragging me down, too. There’ve been a few cold and gray days lately. It doesn’t help that they’ve been surrounded by a couple of days of nice weather too. It’s like springtime is teasing us.

Anyway, one cool benefit to cloudy days is that sunrises in the morning look like this:


PS: Okay, after seeing it in the post, I recommend you click on this one for the full-size image. And please ignore the noise. This is basically straight from the camera with no edits.

Morning Mountains

Off the back deck of the office, I thought, would be a good place for some mountain photos. What I didn’t notice was all of the urban blight between the office and the mountains.

I took these just as the sun was coming up over the city enough to bathe the snow and mountains and turn the mountains and sky pink. I haven’t done any tinkering with these, but I may try to get rid of some of the telephone wires in the way!