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Colorado Spring in Colorado Springs

Yup, it snowed Friday night, just in time for the April Nielson Challenge. I snagged this photo before the race.


Wolken und Nebel

Manchmal komme ich r├╝ber Monument Pass und das Wetter ist komplett unterschiedlich. Wann ich der Nebel und die Wolken sehe, ich muss ein Foto machen. Na ja, ich versuche.

Fog in Greenland, CO

Sometimes I come over Monument Pass and the weather is completely different. When I see the fog and the clouds, I have to take a photo. Well, I try.

Monument Pass


Last Thursday some bad weather was rolling in as I drove to work. To get to Denver from Colorado Springs, you have to go over Monument Pass. The summit of Monument Pass is over 7300 ft (2225m) in elevation; the weather up there is often weird. It also sort of corrals weather to one side or the other.

Fog was rolling in as I crossed over the summit and the snow was blowing from the north, which gave that side of the trees a bit of frosting.