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Quina Quen

Final Fantasy IX is my favorite game in the series. The first time I played it, I didn’t care much for Quina; but as I’ve replayed the game over the years, I’ve really come to like him/her. He/She is one of the best characters in the game, especially early on. I wish I had remembered his/her fork.

For my birthday, my wife gave me a drawing course. I’ve done some posts of Final Fantasy monsters I’ve drawn before (some broken links there — sorry); but this is the first time I’ve tried doing a main character (click on it for a bigger image). I think my wife’s investment is paying off.



Earlier this week, I showed a Cactuar and a Malboro I sketched.

The Tonerry is another of the recurring Final Fantasy enemies, often found toward the end game and far away from a save point in some optional dungeon in the world.


I just quickly sketched that one, right next to the “Copic Cactuar”:



The other day, a follower issued a “Malboro Challenge”. Like the Cactuar, the Malboro is a common, recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy franchise, and one of the more difficult enemies to beat in some installments. They have an attack called Bad Breath that inflicts nearly every negative status affect on your party.

So here’s a quick and dirty sketch plus color I made of a Malboro. Enjoy.

Cactuar (II)

So I shared a quick sketch of a Cactuar (an enemy in the Final Fantasy series) the other day. I had drawn that one in my sketch book, and I’d hoped to have some better results with the markers on Bristol. I used some Faber-Castell Pitt pens and some Prismacolor Premier markers for the blending. Here’s that version:


Today, I picked up a couple of Copic markers, and did a really quick version of the Cactuar to try to work on the blending:



Office Lens_20160403_181424_processed

Mehr Mark Crilley Einfluss. Hier sind ein Paar Chibi-Charaktere, ich gezeichnet habe. Ich habe gefunden, dass ich zu zeichnen mag… obwohl denke ich, ich nicht so gut darüber bin. Ich denke aber, ich besser werde. Ein bisschen

Ich habe keine echtes Interesse in Chibi-Charaktere, aber sie sind süß. Diese Charaktere sind von Mark Crilley Videos oder Übungen.

More Mark Crilley influence. Here are a few Chibi characters I drew. I’ve found that I like to draw… though I think I’m not too good at it. However, I think I’m getting better. A little.

I don’t have any real interest in Chibi characters, but I think they’re cute. These characters are from Mark Crilley videos or tutorials.

Diese ist das erstes Chibi-Charakter von meine eigene Gestaltung. Na ja, ziemlich. Nach habe ich es gezeichnet, habe ich gedacht, es bekannte Pose der Marilyn Monroe geglichen hat.

This is the first Chibi character of my own design. Well… sort of. After I drew it, I thought it resembled Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose.

Schließlich habe ich, was ich ein “Chibme” nenne. (Vielleicht funktioniere der Witz auf Deutsch nicht?). Es ist ein Autoporträt nach Chibi Art. Ich bin sehr freundlich, ja?

Finally I have what I’ve called a “Chibme”. It’s sort of a self-portrait, Chibi-style. I’m very pleasant, yeah?