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Welcome To Jurassic Park

Okay, so it’s actually Cheyenne Mountain Zoo… but if there were a Jurassic Park, I think this Emu would be there.



Abuto: Doing Tricks

I’m sure the zoo probably doesn’t refer to it as “doing tricks” but that’s what popped into my head. Abuto, the male lion at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, gets some treats for performing for the handler.

I used the bandaid tool in Photoshop to try to remove the chain-link fence from in front of Abuto’s regal face. What felt like a billion clicks later, I had the following image; and I’d lost my will to try it for all of these photos:

Gimme five:

He looked so cute keeping his face between his paws, as if someone would attempt to steal his treat… I suppose in the wild, animals do. But none of them were at the zoo.

Das Giraffe Baby

Der Cheyenne-Berge Tierpark hat kürzlich ein Giraffe-Baby gewillkommt. Sie ist nicht so klein, obwohl ist sie relative zu die anderer Giraffen. Nicht alles Babys sind schön (vielleicht sind alle kleine Tieren), aber Rae ist.

Sie hat eine lustige Gesicht mit ihre Zunge aus gemacht… wie einem Mensch im Front der Kamera.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo recently welcomed a giraffe baby. She isn’t so small, though she is relative to the other giraffes. Not all babies are cute (maybe all baby animals are), but Rae is.

She made a funny face with her tongue out… Like a human in front of the camera.